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At a young age, Samuel began singing at home. Samuel has opened for such professional artist as: COMMISSION, WILLIAM BROTHERS and LUTHER BARNS, to name only a few. 

Samuel is a shining new exceptional artist. His first release entitled “HERE AM I” is what contemporary Gospel music is about …Good News! These songs should hit home with people that have experienced trials and tribulations in their lives. Samuel has a distinct flavor. Under the management of Eddie & Cynthia Watkins, his parents.

​Samuel’s CD is being released through True Covenant production in Savannah Ga. This CD contains such titles as “UNCONDITIONAL” “OLD LIFE” “SHOW SOME SIGN”. Samuel dedicates this CD to his grandfather, Howard Robinson, who has been a great inspiration in his life. Samuel’s grandfather told him “If you keep your eyes on Jesus , you can go somewhere. Keep your focus, staying in the word, never forgetting where you came from. The sky is the limit.” 

Samuel has received many awards over the years, including Recording Artist of the Year in 2006 from Joy in Praise Music & Arts Seminar, Inc. Under the leadership of Lawrence J. Ingram, Founder of Woodville, Texas.

Samuel appeared on CTN Television programming, “Celebration of Praise” with promoter & artist Ronald Rosson & Company of Clearwater, Florida. A native of Lakeland, FL Samuel graduated from Lakeland Sr. High School in 1994. Samuel is a member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Orlando Chapter. Dr. Rutha White is the Chapter Representative.

Samuel is a member of Zion Hill P. B. Church in Lakeland, Florida. He is very active as a singer and drummer. Samuel’s goal is to reach lost souls and tell them that Christ wants to use them and show them that they can have a new way of living. Samuel has an expression that sums up his philosophy: “Don’t give up, no matter what you are going through. Jesus will keep you strong, not just in the body and mind, but also in the spirit.


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